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Varsity Boys’ Basketball: Updates
Nora Redding

As the winter season comes to an end, the boys’ basketball team has closed their season with a 13-6 record. This season was one of many new challenges and changes due to COVID-19, but despite the difficulties faced, the boys had a solid season. Following multiple quarantine periods, the team continuously managed to bounce back and compete.

The season ended at the state quarterfinals against Brentwood Academy with a 40-55 loss. Led by Troy Boynton ‘21, Baylor held up a strong offense against Brentwood Academy but eventually lost to the home team. Unlike past seasons, the final game was not filled with spectators, as a state regulation has prohibited all except for coaches and family members from attending games. While this new rule placed a damper upon fans’ spirits, it is one of the many necessary precautions to ensure that athletes can safely continue playing.

Previously, the team held their senior night on February 19th with a game against Knox Catholic. This season has been particularly challenging for seniors, as COVID-19 presented uncertainty amid their final season. Robert Morton ‘21 spoke of the shift in team mentality as the season ended, saying he went to “every game, every practice, and every team meeting” with the mindset that it could be his last moment as a player. Many players have spoken of the bond the team has developed this year as they competed with the constant reminder to “leave everything on the court” in case COVID shortened their season.

While this year’s basketball season may have been filled with uncertainty, recent changes, and unprecedented challenges for athletes, the basketball team has proved that Baylor students never fail to persevere and commit their all, despite whatever circumstances they may face.

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