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Top 10 Baylor Sports Moments for Class of 2019
Alec Coussoule, Kristopher Kennedy, and Alex Robinson

From the fall of 2012 to the spring of 2019, this graduating Baylor class has seen a plethora of scintillating sports sensations; from the hardwood of Duke to the green turf of Heywood and all the way to the springtime diamonds of baseball and softball, Baylor’s athletes have provided our class with countless memories.

To commemorate these joys of our experience, senior writers Alec Coussoule, Alex Robinson, and I have provided a (completely subjective) list of our top ten favorite sports moments as students.


#1: Baylor Runs the Town
Football - Baylor vs. McCallie @ Baylor (2015)
Result: Baylor win 38-14

“After beating Baylor the year before in an embarrassing game at Spears Stadium, McCallie felt cocky enough to fund an obnoxious hype video that garnered national attention. In a glorious return to the victor’s table for Baylor, McCallie fell at Heywood Stadium, walking to the buses with ‘Run This Town’ blaring throughout the stadium, with 38-14 bright on the scoreboard.” — Alex Robinson

“As a statistician for Baylor during this game, this one was really incredible. They [McCallie] made the video and all which had everyone upset, and we went out there and kicked their behinds. The icing on the cake was blasting Rihanna’s ‘Run This Town’ over the Heywood sound system as the game concluded.” — Alec Coussoule

“700,000 YouTube views regardless, McCallie couldn’t run the town in 2015. Apparently, Ryan Parker took personal offense to the video, as he unleashed an individual Holy War against McCallie on both sides of the ball. Get a hold of these stats: 11 tackles, two sacks, a fumble recovery, 51 rushing yards, and three touchdowns. Baylor fans have never wanted a win more, and V-I-C-T-O-R-Y has never tasted so sweet.” — Kristopher Kennedy

#2: Whaley’s Shot Heard Round the World
Basketball - Baylor vs. McCallie @ McCallie (2016)
Result: Baylor win 53-52

“Future generations will remember this as the ‘Whaley Game.’ The final few minutes of this classic rivalry clash were an absolute roller coaster ride, and the hearts of Baylor fanlings collectively sank after a McCallie dagger three made it 52-50—with only three seconds on the clock. Coach Clark draws up the play. Bench player John Whaley inbounds the ball, runs off the baseline corner, gets a touch pass back to him, rises up—for three, for the win—BANG! And, oh yeah, you know we stormed their court.” — Kristopher Kennedy

“This was wild. The entire game was a battle and I wasn’t even there in the flesh to watch it. I witnessed the shot from my phone screen and I think I woke up my parents in our hotel room. One of the craziest endings to any Baylor/McCallie game in recent memory.” — Alec Coussoule

#3: 12 Point Rally in Duke
Basketball - Baylor vs. McCallie @ Baylor (2018)
Result: Baylor win 55-53

“A comeback victory at home in the most magical arena in all of sports? Paired in hindsight with what would be legendary Baylor basketball coach Austin Clark’s final game against McCallie? A joyous romp around the gym from Coach Clark after the final buzzer was well-warranted.” — Alex Robinson

“This home crowd was absolutely juiced. The sounds we made felt like the auditory manifestation of a cortisone shot. We were trailing 42-30 in the third, and looking out of sorts. But a mid-court skirmish between Shannon Walker and Tre Jackson rejuvenated the home-court crowd, and the Red Raiders began to mount their comeback. Highlighted by a Randy Brady steal + three point play, a Boris Ristanovic three point play, and threes from Beyuan and Lorenzo, we stormed back to reclaim the lead in the fourth. When Mac Hunt air-balled the potential game-winner, Duke. Went. BANANAS. If you gave me one game to return to in a time machine, it would be this one. Just an unbeatable atmosphere. The saddest part about it? It was the final time heckling Gibby.” — Kristopher Kennedy

“For Coach Clark’s final McCallie game, I remember sitting towards the back of a stuffy Duke Arena for what was a game to remember. My mom texted me wanting score updates and the updates I was giving weren’t the ones she wanted to hear nor the ones I wanted to send. But the shots just began to fall in the second half, and the environment in Duke was absolutely unreal.” — Alec Coussoule

#4: One Day of Murfreesboro Magic
Baseball - MUS vs. Baylor (2018 State Finals)
Result: Baylor wins 12-4

Softball - GPS vs. Baylor (2018 State Finals)
Result: Baylor wins 4-3 (extra innings)

Boys’ Soccer - McCallie vs. Baylor (2018 State Finals)
Result: Baylor wins 2-2; 4-3 on PKs

“I skipped a college counseling meeting with Mr. Jackson to make this one—sorry, Mr. Jackson. Baseball demolished the competition to capture their first title since 2006 to get the ball rolling. Then the real party started, with two games against the schools in blue. Softball was a thriller: we were down to our final out twice, but came up with clutch hits each time to tie at 2-2 and then 3-3; after ten innings of heart-stopping battle, Coach Smith’s squad came out on top for the four-peat. I then drove straight to the soccer game, which was just about to start it’s shootout—talk about timing. Playing a man down the last 40 minutes against the defending state champs in McCallie, we fought back to tie the game at two before going on to net the title-clincher behind the foot of Patrick Urey. An absolutely electric day in Murfreesboro.” — Kristopher Kennedy

“As a junior at the time, I didn’t have the privilege of being there in person for any of the wins, but I did witness a few from the Student Center couches. Three state titles in a manner of hours is something I doubt will ever be replicated. The clean sweep. One of the best days for Baylor athletics in all her glorious history.” — Alec Coussoule

“No school in the south has as many state championships as your Baylor Red Raiders, but last year was a Spring Fling for the books as Baylor won three titles in one day. Truly astounding.” — Alex Robinson

#5: Lepcio Delivers in Topsy Turvy Playoff Battle
Baseball - Baylor vs. Briarcrest @ Baylor (2018 State Quarterfinals)
Result: Baylor win 11-10

“A must-win game in a year where we went on to win state. This game was WILD: 21 runs scored on 23 hits. Six errors. 12 walks. 11 pitchers used. Five lead changes. We blew an early 4-0 lead, eventually falling behind 6-4 through five. But we clawed back in the bottom of the sixth, up 8-6 in the final inning with a chance to move onto Murfressboro, but Briarcrest didn’t quit, tying the game at 8-8 with a two-run homer. They then tacked on two more, 10-8 Briarcrest, with Baylor down to the final three outs of the season. Gehrig Ebel single. Cooper Kinney HBP. This set the stage for senior Teddy Lepcio, who delivered an opposite field dinger to lift the Red Raider faithful into jubilation and euphoria, flipping a season-ending heartbreak into a signature moment of a championship run with a single swing of the bat.” — Kristopher Kennedy

“This is definitely one of my personal favorite moments because I was one of the few to witness the entire thing. The game started at like noon, so I actually skipped class to see it. Man was that the best decision I ever made. I’ll never forget storming the field with a grand total of six students, all of us waving our shirts in the air like crazy people. A truly electric moment until I got the detention email.” — Alec Coussoule

#6: Soccer Girls Triumphant in Deluge, Win Title in Shootout
Girls’ Soccer - Briarcrest vs. Baylor (2017 State Finals)
Result: Baylor win 1-1; 4-2 on PKs

“Through mud, rain, and tears Coach Curtis Blair led his team to a shootout victory in the state championship. Gritty. Just how we like them.” — Alex Robinson

“This 2017 soccer squad was demolishing the competition, entering the title game with 14 wins, five draws, and zero losses—an unbeaten record. However, we came into the final on zero days of rest, having just played Father Ryan the day before in a 100 minute match. A very hungry Briarcrest squad faced Lady Red Raiders worn with fatigue and injury—including to the starting goaltender—but no matter. As the skies began to open up and with backup Shannon Urey in goal, Briarcrest missed two PKs, and Katelyn Smith netted the game winner, the title winner, the crowning jewel on an unblemished season.” — Kristopher Kennedy

“I was at a friend’s house and remember watching the penalty kicks on Andrew Hill’s Instagram live feed. You could barely see what was going on because of the rain. All I remember is hearing the screams and then the camera going out. Turned out, the girls pulled it off.” — Alec Coussoule

#7: Beyuan Beats Brady at Brentwood
Basketball - Baylor vs. Brentwood Academy @ Brentwood Academy (2019)
Result: Baylor win 54-51

“Now for my personal favorite. As someone who definitely doesn’t shy away from trash talk and certainly not to a snake like Randy, this was the perfect game. Our student section consisted of about 12 kids and I think we were louder than anyone in the gym all night without ever letting up. The atmosphere we created was absolutely awesome, and we definitely influenced the game. I can replay the final shot in slow motion in my head and, in the moment, it felt like it took 10 minutes for the ball to go in. The 12 of us then proceeded to storm the court and claim Brentwood’s gym as our new practice facility.” — Alec Coussoule

“Brentwood had beat us in the state championship the year before. Then, one of our best players left us for Brentwood (parallels to Kevin Durant in 2016). This was the much-anticipated rematch, and boy did our student section BRING IT. We traveled well, we were twice as loud as the hometown fans, and Beyuan Hendricks made the shot of his life: a buzzer-beater three from way deep. Just a fantastic Baylor moment.” — Kristopher Kennedy

#8: Kicked Their...With Class
Football - Baylor vs. McCallie @ Baylor (2013)
Result: Baylor win 38-14

“After Heywood Stadium was vandalized with blue paint and ‘McCallie’ was sprawled across the scoreboard, Baylor football player George Porter was infamously quoted as saying, ‘We’re gonna kick their ass with class.’ Baylor protected this house. McCallie vandals went home whimpering.” — Alex Robinson

“All I remember was hearing about the fact that so and so spray painted the track the day of the game. There were probably 20 cop cars on campus that night. Winning just made the blue school look even worse, and I’m all for that.” — Alec Coussoule

“McCallie vandalized Heywood in the morning. They lost at Heywood in the night. George Porter made his famous calling card statement during the pep rally, and was clearly fueled with motivation, as he went off that night for 183 rushing yards and three touchdowns.” — Kristopher Kennedy

#9: Red Raider Wrestlers Rally, Sack the SAC
Wrestling - Baylor vs. McCallie @ McCallie (2016)
Result: Baylor win 30-27

“Battling back at the SAC in a come from behind victory over arch rival McCallie to continue a more than decade long wrestling streak? Typical Baylor.” — Alex Robinson

“What a horrible nickname the SAC is. This dual was one of the best. Things in the student section looked grim and as a freshman, I was near the back. One by one the wins started adding up and clawing back. A few huge pins took place near the end of the match followed by a bout to win the match. Storybook finish.” — Alec Coussoule

“One night after the Whaley shot. Also at the SAC. What a great weekend in McCallie School history.” — Kristopher Kennedy

#10: Crew Team Wins Raoul Cup, Exorcises McCallie Demons
Crew - Baylor vs. McCallie @ Baylor (2019)
Result: Baylor win

“For the first time in 21 years, the Baylor men’s crew team defeated the boys from across the river in a fierce head to head battle.” — Alex Robinson

“I didn’t really learn much about crew until I met Paulo in the dorm this year, but it’s a truly interesting sport. I had always heard about how McCallie kicks our tail in crew every year, so when Paulo mentioned the race I kinda figured it wouldn’t go well. I guess you could say I was wrong. The boats were back and forth stroke for stroke down the stretch and the boys pulled it out for their first win against the Blue in 21 years. Truly an unmatched accomplishment thus far this year.” — Alec Coussoule

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