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The Annual Powder Puff Game
Hailey Kleban

Hurray, everyone’s favorite week of the year has arrived: Spirit Week. And not just because it’s the one week of the year that giving tests is frowned upon. This is the one week of the year that exorbitant amount of red is proudly worn – GBR! becomes the daily greeting among students and the mindset of “It’s cool to be a fool for your school” is pervasive. The campus buzzes with energy, the quad is decorated with competitive banners and our community is united against a common enemy – that “M School” way over there across the river.

Except for on Wednesday night, where it’s every grade for themselves.

Wednesday night is the highly anticipated Powder Puff Football Game. The ladies of each grade fiercely compete against opposing grades in a friendly but not so friendly game of flag football. And what’s at the stake? Serious bragging rights (and not much more).

Three football players are designated as the coaches of the grade and the rest of the guys become the cheerleaders to motivate their grade to victory.

In the spirit of full disclosure there are plenty girls who are in it to win, but there as just as many for the coveted Powder Puff t-shirts. Every Baylor girl wants to graduate with four!

Since it’s just flag football, we rely on our skills of running, passing and catching the ball, rather than tackling our opponents. The Class of 2018, who has dominated Powder Puff in the past several years, has figured out that athletic ability is only part of what it takes to win. The other part is a secret! We won’t reveal this until after our final win this year.

Go Class of 2018! Win Powder Puff!

After the Seniors demolished the Sophomores in Wednesday night’s Powder Puff finale, I reflected that although winning Powder Puff was a sweet victory, the ultimate test will come on Friday, when the entire Baylor community joins together to take on the “Boys in Blue!”

So…Go Big Red and Beat McCallie!

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