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Syd Berzon'22 on Softball
Mavis Wang

Syd Berzon ’22 briefly shared her experience as a pitcher on the Baylor softball team and juggling busy schedules as a junior. "My practice schedule is extremely heavy." Berzon says, "Along with school practice, I also have practice on my own." 

The varsity team has to practice every day after school from the end of the last period to 6 pm or 6:30 pm. On weekends, the softball team sometimes also has extra practice. "My practice schedule has been busy for as long as I can remember, so I've learned how to balance my time." 

Besides, Berzon describes her own experience as an athlete and her passion for softball. "I started playing when I was four years old." She added, "The game is very interesting to me because it's always evolving and changing." 

She also shared her cherished moments when the team was playing a game. "Some of my best memories are when we are playing a close game and the energy in the dugout increases. Everyone starts screaming and laughing. To be in the moment with everyone, there to just with the game, is one of the best feelings ever." "We are a very close group of girls, and we work extremely well together." She emphasized, " We're all supportive of each other." 

"I genuinely believe the things we gained from sports are more than we imagined. The moments where everyone tried their best to guard the honor as a team is the greatest treasure we have experienced through high school." Berzon also opened up about her personal experience about what she learned from softball, "One quote I live by that was instilled in me at a young age was that 'failure and difficulty is feedback for the future.' Through the many practices and games, I have learned that to get better, you have to fail and stay open-minded to critiques." She went on to suggest that softball helped build her character and has become part of her personality. "People identify me as 'the softball player.' " But over time she realized that she has gained strength and knowledge of leadership as well.

It does not take long for one to see the significant impact softball has on Syd Berzon both mentally and physically. The spirit of consistency, courage to accept failure, cooperation, leadership skills, and simply the joy brought by sports are unmeasurable.

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