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Summer Camp Craze!
Annie Marks

Sports provide crucial opportunities for kids to grow physically and skillfully; they also provide opportunities for kids to learn important life lessons by teaching them difficult concepts in a safe environment. 

At Baylor sports camps, younger kids have the opportunity to learn about a sport from older athletes. Campers get the opportunity to grow and develop as athletes, and they gain a positive mentor experience from experienced athletes in the same sport. Baylor offers camps for many sports including baseball, volleyball, tennis, soccer, rowing, football, lacrosse, golf, and more. Baylor sports camps offers camps for skill levels beginner to advanced, and offers camp both in the morning and the afternoon. Kids at sports camps get the opportunity to explore a new sport, dive deeper into a sport they already have some experience with, and deepen an interest in a sport they already care about. 

According to the US Youth Soccer organization, the Olympic Development Program (ODP) is a program designed “to identify and provide opportunities for high potential players, facilitate their development, and expose them to the next level of their chosen pathway.” The ODP is designed to give young soccer players with high potential the ability to improve their skills even further and to compete against other high-achieving individuals.

Whether competition is taking place at a high level or recreationally, sports provide important opportunities not only to exercise and maintain physical health but also to develop important features like perseverance, grit, and toughness. The competition level is dwarfed by the important life skills that are developed by being part of a team.

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