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Sports v COVID-19: The Ultimate Match
Nora Redding

As the beginning of the school year rolls around the corner, varsity athletics are gearing up for a jam-packed fall season. With football, cross country, girls’ soccer, tennis, volleyball, and others about to head into their primary season, Baylor athletics are ready for an eventful, as well as safe, fall quarter. However, as we are all accustomed to by now, COVID-19 is bound to bring various adjustments to the athletic world. 

Currently, athletics are occurring at a near normalcy, with most sports, including football, volleyball, and cross country, having regularly scheduled summer workouts and preseason camps. The girls’ cross country team resumed their tradition of team camp at YMCA Camp Ocoee, successfully bringing 27 of the “fast, fearless females” together for four days of training and fun.

Thanks to the impressive vaccination efforts in the past months, masks have remained optional for most athletic events at Baylor. Regarding the rising Delta variant, at this point in time, Baylor is encouraging vaccination and mask-wearing for those who choose to do so. Please note that as with all things in the past year, this is subject to change at any moment in order to maintain the health and safety of the Baylor community. 

For athletes everywhere, COVID-19 has created numerous unprecedented challenges, from uncertainty to the loss of precious time, and it is everyone’s hope that athletes will see a safe, “normal” season. The health of the community must be prioritized, and for that reason Baylor athletes will step up to whatever challenges this year may bring in order to safeguard our students, faculty, and Baylor family. 

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