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Opinion on Final Years as Baylor Athlete
Camilla Zavala

Despite the hardships that come with COVID-19, senior athletes have persevered with the help of coaches and staff to have successful seasons.

To be a senior athlete in 2020 means many things. It means that the year will not go as planned. It means sports are not definite. It means your team has to fight against opponents as well as the global issue of COVID-19. To say that this year has been a bumpy road would been an understatement. 

As a volleyball player, I was quarantined with my teammates and only played a third of the games we would play during a regular season. Being an athlete this year takes a different level of maturity than years past. The players have to hold each other accountable for keeping social circles small to limit the risk of an exposure. Baylor’s COVID-19 testing is a benefit to the community, but it can be a hard pill to swallow knowing Baylor is one of the only schools in your region that is requiring testing. 

Despite all of these limitations, being a senior athlete in 2020 means more than just hardship. It means a new level of commitment and a drive of uncertainty that pushes you to excel. It means putting your full effort into every practice and every game because it could be your last at Baylor. 

This season has taught me to take advantage of any opportunity I am given. It has been a blessing to play sports at Baylor, and I am very thankful to the coaches and staff that have worked to make athletics a possibility this year. 

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