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Crew Snaps 21-Year Streak to Win Raoul Cup    
Natalie Lopez-Durel

On the afternoon of Friday April 12, the Baylor crew team participated in the annual  Raoul/Carney Cup Regatta against GPS and McCallie. Both Baylor and GPS/McCallie crews raced in multiple events, but as spectators saw the men’s varsity 8 boats powering up the river, it became clear that this was the race to watch.

The regatta has been a tradition between the rival schools for many years and involves the passing off of the Raoul and Carney cups to the respective boy’s and girl’s team winners. McCallie had defeated Baylor in this race every year since 1998 and therefore had possession of the Raoul cup. However, the 2019 race held on Baylor’s campus had great excitement in store for the Baylor boys.

Rowers in Baylor’s varsity eight, Jack Anderson, Chris Young, Lake Watson, Max Smith, Patrick Stultz, Josh Hart, Ethan Bixler, and Ronin Kmeta-Suarez, and their coxswain, Elias Marler, had spent weeks training for the event. At the very start of the race, Baylor advanced on McCallie by 6 seats. As they got to about 500 meters in, the McCallie boat began to push back on Baylor and the race was now even. The boys raced neck in neck until the McCallie boat pulled ahead near the finish. Around the 250 meter mark, as the boats were in clear view, the Baylor boys began their sprint. They pushed onward with every last bit of energy they had. With only seconds left in the race, the Baylor boys glided ahead of the McCallie crew and crossed the line a few seats ahead of the boys in blue. The crowds erupted with cheers for the boys who ended McCallie’s 21-year win streak.

As the regatta wrapped up, smiles and laughter were contagious among Baylor athletes and supporters. All four teams gathered around for the presentation of the cups. Baylor’s varsity 8 felt all of their hard work pay off as McCallie handed over the Raoul cup for the first time in over two decades. The Baylor crew teams have had many wins since that race, and now prepare to participate in this year’s Scholastic National Championship in Zanesville, Ohio.




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