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Class of 2021 Commits
Camilla Zavala

Twenty-four Baylor seniors have decided to continue their athletic career in college.

Among them include Ellie Waldrep ‘21, who will begin a college swimming career at Auburn University; Elijah Howard ‘21, who will play football at Virginia Tech; and Elaine Redman ‘21, who will play volleyball at the University of Toledo. 

Danny Corona ‘21 and Nick Kurtz ‘21 will continue their baseball careers, and Raegyn Conley ‘21 will pursue her basketball career all at Wake Forest. Both Vito Valincius ‘21 and Cooper Kinney ‘21 will continue their baseball careers at the University of South Carolina.

Riley Jenne ‘21 will play football at Harvard University, Logan Watson-Brown ‘21 will swim at the University of Georgia, and Jay Dill ‘21 will play baseball at the University of Missouri. 

Rebecca Watson ‘21 will row at Bucknell and Neyland Jean ‘21 will play football at Austin Peay State University. Troy Boynton ‘21 will play basketball at the University of Evansville, and Acelynn Sellers ‘21 will play softball at the University of Tennessee Chattanooga. 

Lydia Bohannon ‘21Ellis Coffelt ‘21, and Tess Margio ‘21 have committed to Rollins College to swim, row, and play volleyball, respectively. Ethan Nunes ‘21 will continue his soccer career at Oglethorpe University, Harrison Williams ‘21 will run track at Occidental College, and Colin Race ‘21 will play football at Ohio Northern University.

Grant Burks ‘21 and Daniel Snyder ‘21 will continue their athletic careers at Rhodes College, playing golf and swimming, respectively.

Baylor is very proud to produce and foster the dreams of many athletes and help them grow to compete at the next level. These twenty-four athletes have great futures ahead of them at their colleges and will achieve many things both in the classroom and in their respective sports.

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