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Challenge Accepted: Staying in Shape During Quarantine
Charlie Han

About a month ago, Baylor faculty and students were challenged to post videos that physically and mentally challenged the Baylor community. These challenges have arranged from juggling the longest to doing the most pushups. They have prompted our community to be more active during this quarantine. They have successfully done that as students have posted videos of themselves completing these challenges. A $25 gift card was rewarded to the winner of each challenge. All of these challenges have been posted through Instagram, and students and faculty have been responding through Instagram. 

The first challenge was the most pull-ups done by Coach Julian Kaufman. Students Mac Jett and Daniel Unhuryan both posted videos of themselves trying to beat Coach Kaufman’s goal of twenty two pull-ups. Daniel ended up winning the challenge with thirty six pull-ups.

The next challenge was Profe Eli Anderson Barrera with a soccer challenge. He called out Coach Curtis Blair to compete in this, and Coach Blair dominated the goal. Then, Coach Blair challenged a few more coaches from the soccer team.

The next challenge was from the Baylor Notes’ editor Katy Waddell. She juggled for an insane time of 11:13.24. Nobody has beaten her time yet.

The last challenge, posted a few days ago, was from Coach Brice Johnson. He challenged everybody to beat his push-up goal of forty. The winner has yet  to be determined, but check in with Baylor’s Instagram to see the winner. Keep checking in for more challenges and chances to win gift cards!


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