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Baylor Sports Hall of Fame: Remembering the Greats
Timothy George

There have been countless athletic achievements in Baylor’s rich history. Throughout the course of many years, this school has established itself as a powerhouse in the South and the national stage. In fact, according to, Baylor is the third best overall high school sports program in the nation, and has won more state championships than any other school in Tennessee (yes, even Big Blue). These accolades stem from the contributions of Baylor’s athletes towards our sports program. Therefore, in 1992, Baylor formulated a way to honor those contributions. 

The Baylor School Sports Hall of Fame (HOF) was created to “recognize Baylor athletes and coaches who have demonstrated throughout their career in sports those qualities which identify them as champions” ( These are athletes that dominated in their respective sport while also demonstrating Baylor’s core values of honor, dignity, and sportsmanship.  

For an athlete to be inducted into this prestigious community, they must be nominated by another person and then selected by a committee. To nominate, a person must fill out a form that details the nominee’s letters awarded, all-star teams, post-season awards, school/state/conference records, and any relevant academic or extracurricular activities and awards. Non-athletic achievements are also considered in the selection process. This reflects Baylor’s attitude that a great athlete works just as hard off the field as they do on it, and their legacy surpasses that of just championships.  

All inductees must have attended Baylor at least ten years prior to the date of consideration. 

Most recently, the 2021 inductees included Bill Anderson ‘71, Mark Styslinger ‘82, and Tom Younger ’74. Every year’s selections since 1992 can be found on the Baylor School website along with the story of each inductee. There are usually two to four new athletes or coaches brought into the Hall of Fame every year, but there has been as low as one inductee for a year and as large as twenty-four for the first 1992 class. Let’s look at the story of one of the HOF’s first honored athletes: Zan Guerry ‘67

Alexander “Zan” Guerry played varsity basketball, football, and tennis during his time at Baylor. He was the captain of the tennis team and Mid-South Tennis Champion. Outside of sports, he was captain of the Baylor Military, a member of the Honor Council, constituent of The Round Table, and student of the Cum Laude Society.  

His graduation from Baylor in 1967 was only the beginning of his legendary career and life. He attended Rice University where he was captain of the tennis team and four-time All American.  

He was in the Top 20 of the U.S. Men’s ranking five times, and five-team winner of the Southern Men’s Championship. He won 20 national titles and was able to beat big names like Roscoe Tanner and Cliff Richey. Even today, Guerry’s legacy is remembered through the Zan Guerry Center located in the tennis facility.  

Guerry is just one example of the excellence that has graced our campus since its founding, but being inducted in 1992, he set the standard for all the athletes that followed. After him, greats like George Cushman ’38, H. King Oehmig ’69, and our very own Coach Austin Clark demonstrated the same distinction and merit. The Baylor Sports Hall of Fame is a connecting thread that links current Baylor athletes to the past and gives them pride to fight for this amazing school. The Hall of Fame will continue to be updated with new inductees for many years to come, so future Baylor students will be able to look back on the accomplishments of our athletes of the present.

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