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Baylor School Frisbee Team
Dana Mays

The Baylor Frisbee team was initially established in 2014, but after four years, the team disbanded. Two years of inactivity passed, but the program made a comeback at the beginning of the 2020 winter season.

Sponsored by Frau Chiann Tsui and coached by Mr. Bo Chamberlain, the team has practiced together on Mercer Reynolds Field after school for the past two months. The two-month old program played their first and only game against McCallie’s 14-year-old program on Wednesday, January 29th. Only 19 members strong, the Red Raiders took on the Blue Tornado. Though the first half was promising, the team lost 6-13. Varsity starter Luiz Campos excitedly states, “We hope to develop the team more next year and beat McCallie in yet another sport!”

Though the Ultimate Frisbee team has no more games scheduled for this season, the team is trying hard to come back officially next winter and spring seasons. During the winter season they will train and work on game strategies then continue on to play against McCallie and other teams in the spring.

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