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Baylor School Boys Basketball
Nathanial Smart

Basketball has long been a tradition of high schools, and Baylor is no different. Despite the global pandemic, the current team is keeping that tradition alive. The season started off with a close defeat, losing by only two points to Brentwood Academy. 

But since then, the team seems to have found its stride, defeating Walker Valley with a score of 71-46, and Eagle’s Landing 77-55. However, it was at this game that the team had exposure to COVID-19, causing them to quarantine and be forced to cancel their second game against Brentwood Academy.

“One day we are preparing for a game we have the next day, and the next we are in quarantine,” Elliott Eischeid said, really capturing the unpredictability of the season, further stating, “It has become clear (that) COVID-19 has caused our season to be extremely unpredictable. To me, that’s what sets this season apart from every other season. Although our schedule says one thing, it is more than likely to change.”

Different players have different concerns. Freshman Nyziah Whaley worries that he won’t be prepared to play for crowds of cheering fans in his future seasons, “we haven’t been able to play in front of a really big crowd, and personally, I won’t be as prepared next year playing in front of big crowds as I would’ve been if I got that opportunity this year.” 

Amidst all the uncertainties, Eischeid has also learned from the randomness of the season and shares his hopes for the future, commenting, “I’ve learned to appreciate every little bit of time with the team. I love this team a lot, and I hope that we can continue to grow during the remainder of the season. My biggest hope is to be able to look back to the beginning of the season and see how far we’ve come as a team.”

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