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Baylor Lacrosse
Camilla Zavala

After COVID took away the 19-20 seasons, the Baylor boys’ and girls’ Lacrosse teams are off to a great start this year.

The 20-21 lacrosse season means much more to the upperclassman than any normal season. This is a gift that all athletes in the spring treasure knowing how easy the season can be stripped away. The lacrosse teams have taken full advantage of the time they have been gifted, dominating the region in both boys and girls lacrosse. The boys are 11-2 and 4-1 in the league while the girls are 7-6 and 4-1 in the league.

On April 21st, the boys beat McCallie for the first time in program history. It sets a new standard for Baylor Lacrosse and sends a message to lacrosse teams state-wide that a powerhouse program such as McCallie can be beaten by an underdog program like Baylor. 

This comeback season for the boys is led by seniors Eli Bowen and Brody Listen and juniors Trey McDonald and Dacorian Jones-Montgomery. The boys received a first-round bye in the playoffs and will host a state semifinal game on May 8th. 

The girls’ lacrosse team has fought to become one of the best programs in Tennessee this year. They have traveled to Atlanta and played teams from Birmingham to grow as a program and compete at a higher level. Led by seniors Haley Rice, Dylan Edwards, Camilla Zavala, and sophomore Jamie Butt, the team has had a great season and will play their last two games against Signal Mountain at home on Monday the 25th and at Brentwood on the 29th to finish their season.

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