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Baylor Fencing Tournament
Timothy George

Baylor is known across the country for its renowned athletic program. Our athletes have competed at all levels of each sport and exhibited a standard of excellence in every showing. However, for the Baylor fencers, legacy is also ingrained within their institution.

Coach Kristin Vines, world-class champion and master fencer, has translated that success into the program that she started at Baylor by placing it at the forefront in the Southeast. They have won multiple championships in their history, and after joining the On Guard Fencing League in 2017, they have always been named league champions. As with other sports, this strange and unprecedented school year has taken a toll on the number of available competitive opportunities. Regardless, the team has found new ways of putting their talents on display. 

On March 20, Baylor Fencing held a tournament within the team. A total of eight girls and seven boys took part in the tournament, but the two genders competed separately, each with an épée and foil weapon category. The function took place at the Fieldhouse where the family and friends of the athletes could watch. Although this wasn’t a huge championship with big stakes, remember that the Baylor team had not participated in a single competition for 13 months. Therefore, this exhibition wasn’t supposed to be a grand event or intense fight. It was simply a chance for each player to show their incredible growth and development in skill after an extremely long time. This was also a good time to honor the seniors for their incredible leadership.

Sadly, this is the last year for seniors Creighton Arrington and Kistler Hampton who served as the team captains this year. Both boys placed in the top three of both weapons and put out a great performance. At the end of the day, this tournament was a huge success and a great way to bring Baylor fencing back into the competitive spotlight. 

This year, the team’s motto is “to play for the sake of playing.” Events like this tournament, not overly significant but still packed with value, show the Baylor community how to make the most out of an unfavorable situation. Although a lot of their matches were canceled due to Covid-19 concerns, the fencing team has found small ways to be active. It takes small exhibitions like this to keep the Baylor athletic program running and prosperous. GBR!

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