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Baylor Broadcasting Network
Nick Skonberg

This year the Baylor community across Chattanooga is even more connected to all of the sports action thanks to the Baylor Broadcasting Network. 

The Baylor Broadcasting Network, or BBN for short, is the school’s sports radio station dedicated to narrating and sharing all of the sport games to the greater Baylor community. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the BBN has become even more integral to the Baylor sports community. 

Senior BBN Camera Operator, Creighton Arrington, said, “the whole idea is for people who can’t physically attend the games to be able to enjoy the event. With COVID-19, I think we got a bit more popularity and consideration than other years.” 

The BBN has helped so many people enjoy the Red Raiders play football even in this crazy year.  This is just one more way the Baylor community has learned to overcome and grow in these uncertain times.

This year, the Baylor Broadcasting Network has been as important as ever in bringing the Baylor football games to the community. Pictured above from left to right: Owen Eastman ’22, Creighton Arrington ’21, Abbey Arnold ‘23, and Jack Cousins ’23.

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