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The Prefect Selection Process
Maggie Clark

First things first: what is prefect?  Junior boarding student Sarah Rutledge summarizes them in two words: involved leaders.

A prefect is often the boarding student who participates in every boarding activity, from choosing dinner to weekend yoga. Perhaps they’ve even come up with their own idea for an activity, or they just have bonded closely with others in the dorm. That’s just their personality, but they also have many responsibilities: aiding the dorm parents, acting as a student leader, organizing boarding activities, addressing everyday issues in the dorm, compromising between bickering boarders (even the closest families have fights sometimes!).

Much like a bridge between the gap dividing dorm student from dorm parent, prefects are adept arbiters. If you’re interested in applying to become a prefect yourself, there are two things you’ll need to complete: an application including what your extracurricular are (it’s important to make sure you can balance the responsibilities of prefect with being a student) and answering several basic questions about your work in the dorm and your leadership abilities, and receiving a recommendation from a teacher. The recommendation emphasizes that you bring the same dedication to your schoolwork that you bring to the dorm. There are no age minimums, though often it is a privilege given to older students. Additional privileges include an extra night out each week and priority pick for single rooms.

While Rutledge notes there is some competition when spots are limited, you needn’t be worried of cutting off ties with any friends based on who gets the position and who doesn’t! It’s a good-hearted environment all around. Good luck to all those applying!

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