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The New Learning Center
Orly Berke

When asked about the new Learning Center, a student exclaims that it's "extremely helpful."

Over five years ago, Baylor created the Learning Center, born in the despairing basement of Trustee, where students can go to get help with what they are doing in class, with their homework, and even with writing their college essays. However, after two years in the basement, the humble environment wasn't doing the Center justice, so it was moved on to the top floor of the library.

For the next three years, it flourished, gaining more participation from students and teachers; so much participation, in fact, that the Learning Center had to make yet another move. In the new building, or PAC (Probasco Academic Center), it has finally found its home. On the first floor of the building, it achieves the open concept, walk-in feeling that Trustee lacked, but it also has enough space to avoid feeling squished such as in the library. "ere is more open space, and it's not that crowded. There are less students coming in to interrupt like in the library," explained one student.

There has been a sharp increase in students since its move, with teachers helping students in more diverse subjects and facilitating a stronger learning environment. Previously, a common problem in the Learning Center was student's unproductive visits that distracted their friends and all those around them. But this issue is less frequent now that the Learning Center has its own room complete with dry-erase board walls, open space, and lots of natural light. The Learning Center has finally found its home in PAC, and will continue making strides in helping the students of Baylor.

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