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Teresa McDowell Retires
Maggie Clark

Three words to take in Mrs. Teresa McDowell: warm, loyal and to the point. Every other word seems to have a touch of Disney to it; “beautiful” “loving” and “kind” are just a few of her favorites. She is administrative assistant to the middle school and going on her 28th year at Baylor. I see her to be not just a people person (as she lists off tens of people she became close to at the school, most notably Park Lockrow), but a family person—one who loved Baylor as much as it loved her back.

She recalls her earlier years at Baylor when the dress code dictated Friday as Red B-Shirt day, saying “you could come up on the Quad and if the kids were out, it was just a beautiful sea of red.” I doubt anyone else could describe teenagers in polos with such eloquence. She tells me with absolute confidence that the one main lesson she learned here is that “all children are good. We never know what is going on in their lives away from school. I just try to love them and be there when I am needed: to give smile, a hug, or a kind word.”

McDowell represents that one unique value of Baylor School that we all find so magnetic but cannot put into a number, like we can AP classes or donations: it is caring. Teresa McDowell is caring. She is the one person who volunteers to help out at your event with the same enthusiasm as you, who remembers the birthdays of all of her coworkers, she is what makes our school one beyond others. And as she looks back on the Washington D.C. trip during the blizzard of 1993 and camping out with advisor groups, we look back on her, and everything she has done for us. As she says herself: “Children will forget the things you tell them, but they will never forget the way you made them feel.”

Thank you, Mrs. McDowell!

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