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Scott Wilson on His Retirement
Abby Todd

For over 50 years, Scott Wilson '75 has been an integral part of the Baylor family, providing love and support to his colleagues, students, and everyone around Baylor’s campus. His welcoming spirit and the unremitting love he has for this school and everyone that’s a part of it shines through in everything he does, making Baylor feel like a second home to many. Whether it be a pep-rally, a sporting event, or pretty much anything else going on around campus, he's right there to congratulate you on your successes and help you brush off your losses.

During my conversation with him earlier this week, he said he’s been in love with Baylor since his school days and “has thought about Baylor every single day” since then, even during his time as headmaster at two other schools. That passionate affection seems to have only intensified after his 11-year stretch as headmaster and after seeing two of his kids, Jane ‘14 and Georgia ‘17, graduate from Baylor.

He claims the impact Baylor has had on him is “almost impossible to quantify” and the support system this community has provided for him throughout his family’s health challenges and the general up’s and down’s of life has been incredible. In fact, the impact has been so immense that he said it’s the most important factor in his life behind his family, his faith, and his friends. While he’ll miss working alongside all his colleagues and being surrounded by such a beautiful campus, he says “the best part of the job” and the part he’ll miss more than anything else is the kids. He’s “a teacher and coach at heart” and will certainly miss seeing the smiling faces of students passing by and the buzz of everyday life on campus. He hopes that by fall, everything will be back to normal, at least as normal as it can be, and that we can “treasure and appreciate all we’ve been missing” and “just have so much fun.” Just like many of us probably are, he can’t wait to get back to a normal schedule so he can truly enjoy his last year here and leave Baylor on the best note possible.

Mr. Wilson, if you’re reading this, I’m sure I speak for pretty much the entire Baylor community when I say your presence at Baylor has been a true blessing. While we’ll miss you tremendously, we’re glad that you’re making the right choice for you and your family. We’re so grateful for everything you’ve done for us throughout your time here and we can’t wait to kick off 2020-21! Let’s hope we can make it your best year yet.

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