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New R.E.S.P.E.C.T Board Announced
Orly Berke

The time for passing the baton has come with the new R.E.S.P.E.C.T Board being ushered in with the announcement that Fatima Sohani and Kate Rogers have been named the new student leaders.

The board has an extremely thorough process for consideration. First, students must submit an application filling out their time on the board as well as personal experience that has encouraged them to apply. Then, if their application is chosen, students must write an essay answering a specific prompt chosen by the present Respect Board members. Finally, if you move on, you must have an interview with the current respect board. This long process is not to deter students from applying, but to affirm their passion for the program as well as their work with the scholars. 

First, we would like to congratulate Sohani and Rogers, who will plan and run the board meetings as well as facilitate most of the communication between administrators and students; it is the most time consuming and leadership driven position. Next we would like to congratulate the new site leaders: Sohani, Rogers, Marshall McGahey, Hunter Huckabay, and Lucy Sutter. These students will help run the two sites, Carver and Westside, giving guidance and communication as the program goes on. We would also love to commend Amelia Langston, the new reading leader, and Tine Latimer, the new reading monitor. These two positions are planning to work together with Langston facilitating reading plans between the two sites and Latimer ensuring progress for the scholars in their reading comprehension.

Also to be applauded are the two new program communication heads, Connie Ni and Ibilola Esho who will run the social media and website for the program. Next is the holiday party leaders: Alia Sherrow, Maddi Yother, and Lily Monen. These leaders will help plan out the holiday party, making a theme, running the coat drive, and overall decorating. Then, we have to praise the new grant writing leader,  Esho who will help run the grant writing program which creates student written grants to assist the program such as violin lessons and the turkey drive from this year.

Finally, we have to thank the new Site Monitor, Connie Ni, who checks the efficiency of the programs as well as making sure the two sites are having equal opportunities and time. Congratulations to all of the new board members, we are so excited to see what you all are planning to bring next year!

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