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Meet the Faculty: Matthew Irvin
Lucy Goode

As the new school year begins, it is time to learn what new faces will be arriving on campus this fall.

Along with a new Head of School and many new students, Baylor welcomes new faculty to campus as well. I had the opportunity to speak with Matthew Irvin, who is teaching honors and AP biology. He joins our science department after teaching a variety of subjects at Notre Dame High School. Irvin graduated from Grove City College, which is located in northwestern Pennsylvania, with a bachelor of science degree in biology and minors in chemistry and religion. 

Q: What brought you to Baylor?
A: After 22 years at Notre Dame High School, I felt a need for a change in my life. The opportunity at Baylor opened, and I was fortunate enough to be hired.

Q: What made you decide to teach your specific subject(s) when you started teaching?

A: For as long as I can remember, I have loved biology. While most kids were probably doing sports, I was the kid at the edge of the pond trying to catch tadpoles and newts.

Q: What part of your subject(s) is your favorite part to teach? 

A: I particularly love the intersection of chemistry and biology, so biochemistry. I am amazed at the intricate processes that drive life forward and how the tiniest molecular differences can have massive changes in organisms. Most of all, I love photosynthesis. I can have a major nerd moment when talking about it.

Q: What are your personal interests/hobbies? 

A: In addition to science, I enjoy gardening and landscaping. My parents own a landscaping company in Pennsylvania, so I grew up working for them from middle school until I graduated from college. While I didn’t want to do it as a profession, I still find great enjoyment in the work and beauty that comes from it. I also love the intersection of art and science. I am a crafty person. Additionally, I enjoy staying fit. Regular exercise is part of my lifestyle for the health benefits and for the pleasure of it. 

Q: What is a fun fact about you that no one would ever assume is true?

A: One thing that people find shocking is that my first grade in honors biology as a freshman in high school was a C. Our initial attempts at something don’t always define how successful we are in the end.



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