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Meet Roy Raiderson '22: A Satire
Tina Zheng

In many ways, Roy Raiderson '22 truly exemplifies the quintessential Baylor senior— he is passionate, ambitious, intelligent, hardworking, and all the other good traits listed in his Common App essay.

He exudes magnanimitas when he volunteers at Red Circle events and exhibits extraordinary kindness when he cuts in front of middle schoolers during their lunch period. Furthermore, he is well-liked by his peers, as evidenced by his TikTok follower count and the sheer swagger in his step. And, he never complains unless it is about homework, quizzes, tests, teachers, parents, underclassmen, Coach Clark, the walk from Academic, or the line in the dining hall for orange chicken.

We at The Baylor Notes had the absolute pleasure of chatting with Raiderson once we finally got a hold of him. Due to his unfortunately severe case of senioritis, we had to postpone this interview because of his acute inability to open Outlook and respond to our emails. However, he responded immediately to our requests when they were sent via Snapchat. After successfully reaching Raiderson, we engaged in a wonderful conversation with the respectable young man. His honest thoughts and eloquent remarks are transcribed below.

Q: It is wonderful to have you here with us today! So, could you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Yessirrrrr. My name is Roy Raiderson, I'm a seven-year day student from Signal Mountain, Tennessee, and my favorite food is Starbucks.

Q: What has been your favorite experience as a Baylor senior this year?

I gotta say those Chick-fil-A sandwiches we got on College T-Shirt Day were pretty dope. A close second though would have to be every Chapel talk because those front row pews are so comfy to nap on.

Q: Speaking of being a senior, what are some of the privileges you have experienced as a member of the Class of 2022?

There are a bunch! With senior free dress, we don't have to wear uniforms anymore, so now I can wear clothing that really expresses who I am, like… a hoodie and athletic shorts! Or better yet— a hoodie, athletic shorts, and a pair of sandals. Plus, I really love being able to park wherever I want. All around the Field House, behind Roddy, in faculty spots— you name it. Also, it is pretty sweet that every class starts 15 minutes later for us seniors.

Q: This year Baylor decided to implement another senior privilege: you are no longer required to attend AP classes after the taking the exam. So how are you enjoying this new rule?

Oh, it's awesome that I have a legitimate excuse to not attend class. I honestly would have skipped class anyway, but it is very nice that my absences are officially sanctioned by the school now.

Q: The Senior Trip is just on the horizon! Are you excited?

Yeah! First of all, I'll take a week in the woods over final exams any day. Second of all, I hear it is a one-of-a-kind experience where we get to do a bunch of wilderness activities and get to know our classmates better along the way. Although, now that I say that, it kind of sounds like the Freshman Trip… and the Sixth Grade Trip to Nature's Classroom…

Q: Graduation is just around the corner as well! Have you picked up your cap and gown from Hunter Hall yet?

Wait, what?

Q: How are you feeling about heading into the future?

While I'm sad to leave Baylor, I'm so glad that I'm getting out of this city! Chattanooga? More like Chatta-SNOOZE-a! I can't wait to get out of this place and live somewhere less boring— somewhere completely different from this place!

At the time of writing this article, Raiderson has committed to the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. We wish the best for Raiderson and all the other members of the Class of 2022!


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