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A Letter from the Editors-In-Chief
Ibilola Esho and Fatima Sohani

A message from Ibilola Esho '22 and Fatima Sohani '22

As Baylor and the world persist in adapting to find our new “normal,” from virtual classes to our past in-person yet physically distanced school year, we understand that the importance of news has only increased, and we are honored to be in the position to share what we feel are some of the most important developments on campus with you all.

This year, we plan to involve even more students in The Baylor Notes, further explore our community, and continue to incorporate into our publications the voices of those who truly make Baylor, Baylor. And though we will miss seeing some familiar faces around campus, we’re excited to welcome new ones as Baylor grows with our new head of school, Chris Angel '89,arriving alongside almost three dozen new faculty members, many of whom we plan to interview in our Faces of Baylor features.

We know that our campus—with its many incredible departments comprised of dedicated, talented faculty who teach and guide passionate, hardworking students—can seem a bit big at times, but we hope The Baylor Notes fulfills its purpose by bringing together members of our family from all over, whether that be the classroom, the Lower Fields, or the laboratory. We feel the aim of The Baylor Notes is not only to inform our audience but to build a sense of community amongst our readers, making us all grow that much closer, and our team will strive in every way to make that vision become reality.

To our writers, don’t be afraid to share your opinion and make your voice heard this year, as we’re open to it all! To our returning readers, thank you for supporting us throughout a global pandemic, multiple quarantines, virtual learning, and more. To our new readers, we’re glad you’ve joined us, and who knows, maybe you’ll find that The Baylor Notes is just the place for you. And to all students, teachers, faculty, and alumni, you are the reason this Baylor tradition has reached its 91st year, and we’re honored to serve as your student source of news for all things Baylor. Despite massive vicissitudes throughout the past few years, the Baylor community’s support and sense of magnanimitas have grown more fervently than ever, and we’re excited to see where this school year will take us. So sit back, grab a cup of coffee (or two), and enjoy the ride that is The Baylor Notes as we all embark on this next journey together. 


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