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Letter From the '20 Editors
Ridley Browder, Katy Waddell, and Maggie Clark

Greetings everyone, 

The Baylor Notes hopes that this Issue finds you all well despite our current state of affairs. It is strange to have a publication when nobody is physically on campus. However, The Baylor Notes remains committed to documenting the news of our Baylor community. With the recent developments of COVID-19 and the transition to virtual classes, the editorial staff saw this as an opportunity to share the stories of how this novel coronavirus is impacting our Baylor family. Plus, even when we aren’t on campus, there is still news to tell, apart from COVID-19, so those articles will be included in this Issue as well. 

First of all, what should be remembered is that this is not an ending. This is a pause button on a future that we will eventually experience: a future of new schools for our seniors, a future of returning to Baylor for our underclassmen and teachers, of holidays spent together, a future that is recognizable. All that is required to see those events come into fruition is a little bit of patience. Scratch that, a LOT of patience.  Whether that looks like workouts in your living room or binge-watching every season of Gossip Girl on Netflix, each and every one of us is learning that valuable skill called patience. And as we watch and wait, we learn what world change looks like, what coming together for the common good looks like; and we are more prepared than any generation before us to change the world ourselves. During this pause button our future becomes greater and brighter than ever. Leo Tolstoy said, “The two most powerful warriors are patience and time.” As long as we are patient, we will come out the other side powerful. 

Next, what comes with patience, comes responsibility. To be frank, COVID-19 is a dangerous sickness that has devastated millions of people’s lives across the globe, including our Baylor community. Death and isolation are certainly the most prominent consequences of COVID-19, but the collateral damage, the consequences that have yet to be seen such as the impact on education across the world with school closures. So, to make this fight against the virus worth it, to make sure that we can finally safely end this pause, we need to remain responsible. This includes practicing social distancing, checking in on your friends over text, video chat, or call, working from home, and staying aware of the situation. Keeping this in mind, the impact of COVID-19 isn’t all bad either. Take this time at home to connect with your families, to try something new, or to just rest. The year of 2020 has certainly been an exhausting year, so a bit of relaxation wouldn’t hurt you. Just remember to remain responsible and positive.

Finally, The Baylor Notes would like to thank our writers and faculty advisors, Barbara Kennedy and Eddie Davis, for their amazing efforts in helping make sure The Baylor Notes happens. And a big thank you to all of you too, our readers, because there would be no news without you. 

Our Baylor community is rich in comaraderie and tradition. May we remember always, and especially in times of crisis, that we will always come together and face our circumstances with magnanimitas. We are Baylor. 


Go Big Red, 

Katy Waddell '20

Maggie Clark '20

Ridley Browder '20


P.S. Be on the lookout for an announcement regarding your 2020-2021 editorial staff coming out soon!  

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