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John Roy Baylor Day
Maggie Clark

If you’re wondering who was behind this new tradition, you can thank Barbara Kennedy, Emmie Treadwell and Leslie Davenport—all our very own in house geniuses.

If you learned anything about John Roy Baylor you learned he valued hard work and virtuousness, something these women clearly possess in droves. He would be immensely proud of everything they did for us, and a tribute to him published in the Chattanooga Times for The Baylor School’s 50th anniversary is perfectly applicable to them all: “He was a true friend, a watchful citizen.” However, one may ask, "Why now? What bigger purpose does this new holiday serve?" To quote middle school instructor Bo Chamberlain, who created the John Roy persona, “It was part of the recently created strategic plan to remind students about the values on which the Baylor School was founded.” Most specifically, faith and honor, two components he wrote into his assembly speech as they are “priorities of the strategic plan.”

It seems likely this falls into action shortly after our Forever Forward campaign as a gentle nudge that despite all the fancy new buildings and technology, Baylor remains an institution firmly grounded in tradition. John Roy’s teachings serve as a guide for all our endeavors, whether they be focused in the past or the future. Though much as changed, from 75 students to 1,080 and two buildings to ten.  “The things that have changed the least are our devotion to our students and the core values of honor, hard work, and magnanimitas,” remarked Chamberlain.

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