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Goodbye From the 2021-22 Editors-in-Chief
Ibilola Esho and Fatima Sohani

Dearest Notes Readers,

As the school year comes to a close, we as the Editors-in-Chief would like to reflect on our time serving you all this past year.

We started off apprehensive yet optimistic for the 2021-22 school year as we anticipated the relaxing of COVID regulations and, alas, a return to normalcy. In our first issue, Maddie Kim '22, one of our features section editors this year, wrote a fantastic article on COVID regulations, providing information about the then-emerging Delta variant and about Baylor’s updated COVID guidelines, and we heard from Head of School Chris Angel '89 concerning his vision for Baylor. Convocation, the Red Blazer Ceremony, and an in-person Clubs’ Fair all returned in the fall as well (the pool came back, and suddenly it was good to be a boarder again!). 

Further on into the semester, Baylor-McCallie Spirit Week brought the entire school together as boarders showed off their theatrical talents with the return of Skit Night, followed by the bonfire. And gone were the days of zipping in and out of the dining hall: dining, too, became regular again as Baylor opened up the Guerry Dining Hall for camaraderie and togetherness once more. Even more heartwarming, the R.E.S.P.E.C.T. Scholars Program met in person for the first time in 18 months in October for Trunk or Treat, with smiling faces and scary masks donning the faces of program scholars and Baylor students alike.

We ended first semester with a more unwanted return: semester exams (sigh). But, of course, receiving warm welcomes from faculty, staff, and friends after returning in the new year was (almost) enough to make taking finals worth it.

Throughout second semester, Vervé celebrated its 30th anniversary, with features section editor Connie Ni '22 herself performing in the concert, senior student-athletes committed to continuing to pursue their academic and athletic careers at the post-secondary level, and we watched Baylor’s girls’ wrestling team thrive. Periaktoi and Uncorked! featured students’ artistic works, and the 2022 Cartter Scholars Weekend, along with Red Circle events, welcomed the next generation of Baylor students to campus.

As we rounded the corner on the end of the school year, Baylor as a community truly felt, once again, as it was pre-pandemic. R.A.G.T.A.I.L.S. made a surprise re-appearance in the field house with beautiful acts from the likes of Dream Zero and Shane Jones '23. Seniors got their farewell through poolside fun and traditions old and new, from the Senior Luncheon to the Senior Book Exchange, and just as we hand off our leadership of The Baylor Notes as Editors-in-Chief to the fantastic junior members of our editing team, Lucy Good '23 and Penelope Kwun '23, all seniors handed off their leadership to the juniors, ready to take their place and do it all over again next year. 

Saying goodbye is never easy, but as we sign off, we do so knowing that this isn’t the end, but merely a hiatus. We hope to continue the legacy of The Baylor Notes by keeping up with the latest issues as alumni, just like many of you all. (Penelope and Lucy, we can’t wait to see what you do next!) We’ve loved getting to know and serve the Baylor community this year, whether through arts and cultural events or insights to boarding life and faculty, and we’ll miss it all dearly.

Thank you to our over 50 writers this year, and we would like to give a special shout-out to Kim, Ni, Owen Eastman '22, Good, and Kwun for their tremendous efforts as section editors this school year, as well as to Barbara Kennedy and to Eddie Davis for their support behind the scenes. 

Readers, thank you all for the opportunity to guide the voices and stories of the Baylor community as we aimed to discuss “All The News That Fits,” and we appreciate the trust that so many do you have given us as we helped lead Baylor’s source of student-based news. Goodbye for now, and we hope to see you again, Tyler the Creator style ;).  

Your 2021-22 Editors-in-Chief,

Ibilola Esho '22 and Fatima Sohani '22

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