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Perspectives on Washington D.C. Insurrection
Aly Johnston

The events that took place on January 6, 2021, in Washington, D.C., shook the entire country to its core. People watched in horror as the Capitol Building was stormed, while Congress was meeting inside. The controversy came from the most recent presidential election results, where President Joseph R. Biden won the election over former President Donald J. Trump.

Many disagreed with the results, arguing that the election was corrupt with voter fraud. This argument was also aggravated by former President Trump, who held a rally earlier in the day, which fueled the flames of voter anger. I talked to six different people, who wish to remain anonymous, about their opinions on the insurrection. The people I spoke to held varying political perspectives and both Democrats and Republicans were represented; however, all of the people I interviewed agreed that this was not an act of patriotism.

The first two people, who identified more with the Democratic party, felt extremely “angered” and “frustrated” by the events. They both agreed that the act was instigated and pushed by former President Trump and that this was a reckless and horrifying event.

I also talked to two people who considered themselves to be in the “middle” of the political spectrum. They believed the event was extremely unnecessary, and “put a bad name on all Americans.” One went as far as stating that this “was the most outrageous political event” they had ever seen.

While the message of unneeded violence was prominent throughout all of the interviews, one of the individuals I interviewed, who was associated with the Republican party, felt as though the situation was bad, but also understood the frustration with the voting system. “The protest was bad, and I believe that the protesters handled it in the worst way, but I also realize they felt as though their votes didn’t matter. But, once again, the behavior was unacceptable and embarrassing.”

We see how the division in responses mirrors the division in the insurrection, but we also see how the statements are all unified by the idea that this was an atrocious event. The insurrection in D.C. will be an event that will go down in American history, a testament to how divided we have become as a country. As Americans, we can only hope we can become more unified and help our country. 

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