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A Freshman Trip Perspective
Aly Johnston

The Freshman Trip to Camp Alpine was interesting for my group for many reasons.

To start off, it was very rainy—and when I say rainy, I mean it was pouring down—while we were on the ropes course. Although it was raining heavily, we still persevered through the day. I went on the hike first, and let me say… it was surprisingly fun. Truthfully, I am not a very “outdoorsy” person, but I really enjoyed the hike and getting to know people. After walking for some time, we made it to the water hole. While the water felt freezing, taking the plunge and connecting with others felt really great!

Next was the ropes course, and this specific event was very interesting. As soon as we were given all the instructions for the ropes, it started pouring down rain, and when I say “pouring,” I mean we couldn’t see two feet in front—or above—us, but it was still nonetheless a good time. There were multiple courses to choose from, and the ropes forced me to conquer my fear of heights, push through, and once again, connect to people through our mutual fears.

Last for the trip’s itinerary was canoeing. Canoeing was personally my favorite activity. Not only did we have to work together to get through the river, but we also met other people while trying to pass everyone. At the end of the river, we jumped off this large rock, and truthfully, I was terrified.

Although I was freezing at the end, it was an amazing trip. I believe that the Freshman Trip was a unifying experience, and it will be in our memories forever.

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