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2020 Baylor Notes Mock Election Results
Ava Echard

This year, The Baylor Note’s annual mock election was held in an online format, and with 385 students and faculty responding to the form, it provided a representation of the greatest political concerns and desires of Baylor school.

Biden voters were the majority at 59.4 percent of the vote, while 37.5 percent went for Trump. The rest was made up in third party candidates such as Kanye West. In examining the responses, certain patterns emerged. For example, Trump voters tended to look to FOX news and outside sources, such as Ben Shapiro, for their information, but tended to rank the importance of media in their decision lower on the scale of 1-5. Meanwhile, Biden voters tended to cite sources like the New York Times and NPR and tended to rank media as playing a large role in their decision.

The top issues of interest for Trump voters being anti-gun control, pro-life, and had a tendency to cite Christianity as playing an important part in their decision. Another concern tended to be the spread of socialist ideas. Likewise, their focus tended to center on economic issues, and a concern about Biden’s tax plan. For Biden voters, they often cited issues like the climate change, Black Lives Matter Movement, women’s rights, education, coronavirus, health care coverage and LGBTQ rights as being central to their decision.

Some Biden voters also conceded that while they would consider themselves traditionally Republican, Biden would have their vote in the 2020 election, should they be able to vote. Despite this, both parties seem to be well represented between the faculty and the student body of Baylor. In this digital election, Baylor seemed to be a microcosm of the division in national values and priorities, and the outcome of our small mock election seemed to reflect the outcome of the election in our country.

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