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Scott and Susan Wilson Activities Center Update
Mavis Wang

When the new Scott and Susan Wilson Activities Center opens this spring, it will serve as an enhancement to Baylor's summer programs, as well as campus life and will be an asset for faculty and staff families. 

“We have been talking about building a new outdoor pool for a long time, but really, there is two areas of focus— one is residential life, and we want to make res life as good as it can be; and then, the other is summer camps. Those are two things we’ve been working on pretty hard,” according to Headmaster Scott Wilson '75.  “And we believe that a pool is going to be a great asset for both of those programs. It’s a big attraction.  Especially for the boarding students to have an outdoor pool in May, and in August and September,a place to go have fun, hang out, and swim. It’s going to be a really cool space.”  He emphasizes that the pool is “for you all” and will be “open to day students, but primarily for our boarders.”

The activities center is named in honor of Wilson and his wife, Susan. “We were very surprised, " said Wilson.  "About the time the trustees committed building the pool, I think they decided they were going to name it,” said Wilson, emphasizing that he is glad that his wife’s name is on it because she has spent her time in the dorm contributing to the boarding community while she was at Baylor.

Allen Carter '91, who served on the Board of Trustees for six years, spoke highly of Wilson. “Scott Wilson has given his all to Baylor. He loves Baylor and has done a wonderful job. When I came to Baylor as a boarding student he was the head of admissions. He was a big reason why I came to Baylor. I think Scott is fantastic, and I think it is a wonderful honor to him and his wife that the pool named after them.” 

Carter also gave more information about how the money was raised for the project. “We got a very nice gift from a Board of Trustee member. Then we went to all of the Board of the Trustees, and the Board of Trustees raised some themselves. Matt Lewis in the development office has gone out and asked people to donate to the swimming pool. It has been very successful.”

According to Wilson, the pool will be dedicated in May, "but we might let people jump in there earlier.” 

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