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Where Oh Where Are Our Seniors Headed?
Mallory Alling

Although this year’s graduating class has gone through many changes in their high school experience at Baylor, in just a few short weeks, they’ll be graduating! There were 188 seniors who sent in 1,143 applications to 271 colleges and universities. This averages out to around six college applications per student. 

The college decision process isn’t always easy, there are so many factors like school size, distance from home, major selection, tuition, and more! For some students, staying close to their friends and family is a priority, but other students, like Leslie Powell ‘22, wanted to take the opportunity to travel and learn in a new country! Powell was accepted to the University of Limerick in Ireland, which is where she’ll be attending school to study journalism and digital communications this coming August. Nick Mckenney ‘22, the vice-chair of the Honor Council and a proud supporter of the Baylor community, suggested that when you are trying to figure out which school to go to, you should “choose the college where you can see yourself wearing their t-shirt with pride.” Mckenney is attending the University of Virginia this fall with many other Baylor students, including Ellie Smith ‘22. 

When asked about the best advice to give rising seniors, Smith believes that “the most important thing about choosing your college is finding a place that feels like home! I’ve always loved Charlottesville and I’ve been there a lot, so it’s always been a place that I’ve been really comfortable in. I think it’s also good to think about where you want to be and what you want to do after college and if the college you’re thinking about will help you get there! This probably seems pretty obvious, but I think juniors should only apply to schools they genuinely like and can see themselves going to. I think some people want to have a lot of options (and of course that’s helpful) but I think it’s better to spend a little extra time on an application to a school you really like than spending more time doing an entirely different application.” 

The whole Baylor community is so proud of our graduating seniors who are attending many different colleges and universities all around the world. Congrats to the class of 2022!

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