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The End of a Great Year in the Community Service Program
Hunter Huckabay

As the school year comes to a end, two major closing events happened in the community service program.

On Tuesday, April 12th, the announcement of the 2022-23 R.E.S.P.E.C.T. Board took place in the Old Chapel. Applicants underwent a three-stage selection process and were chosen because of their dedication to the program and hard work. The Student Leaders for the 2022-23 R.E.S.P.E.C.T. Board are Lucy Sutter ‘23 and Marshall McGahey ‘23. Site Leaders are Amelia Langston ‘23, Hunter Huckabay ‘23, Lily Monen ‘24, Lucy Sutter ‘23, and Marshall McGahey ‘23. Reading Program Leaders are Aashi Patel ‘24 and Lauren Met ‘25. Holiday Party Leaders are Aleyna Patel ‘23, Alia Sherrow ‘23, and Myers McLennan ‘23. The Program Communications Leaders are Esther Prantil-Evans ‘23 and Myers McLennan ‘23. The Site Monitor is Esther Prantil-Evans ‘23 and the Head of Grant Writing is Alia Sherrow ‘23.

The second major event was the closing awards ceremony that celebrated scholars for all their hard work. Scholars in the program traveled to Baylor so they could receive specific awards that highlighted their hard work and growth this school year. The awards ceremony was then followed up with a picnic that allowed scholars and academic partners to spend time together before parting ways for the summer. Seniors also got a chance to say goodbye to the scholars they have worked with before they leave for college. The awards ceremony and picnic were a fun and festive way to bring a close to a year full of hard work. From online to in-person, both scholars and academic partners showed resilience and determination throughout the year. After a year full of pushing themselves, the scholars deserved the celebration.

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