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Student Leadership Board's Twelve Days of Christmas
Orly Berke

Every day for the final two weeks of school before exams, Baylor has had a special event.

Beginning on Dec. 3, students were making decorative snowflakes; on Dec. 4 we had our gingerbread house making contest; on the fifth everyone wore their tackiest sweaters while enjoying doughnuts in the quad; on the sixth we made fun holiday cards; on Dec. 7 students decorated ornaments; the eighth some kids took advantage of ice skating and a big screen movie; the ninth featured warm hot chocolate and apple cider for all; on the tenth everyone enjoyed the iconic Elf movie during lunch; on the Dec. 11 cookies, icing, and sprinkles were abound in the student center; Dec. 12 students enjoyed popcorn and The Grinch movie; on the 13th students played in the gaga pit; on the 14th everyone wore their best holiday hats; and for the final day of holiday cheer, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation was played on the big screen.

This holiday excitement was perfect timing, for the three weeks between Thanksgiving Break and exams have been extremely stressful. "The Student Leadership Board has been meeting every other Tuesday of the Fall semester this year. One of their main objectives has been discussing ideas on how to be more directly involved with the student body," said Natalee Oldham, assistant head of student activities.  "One of the most popular ideas with the whole board was to begin a '12 Days of Holiday Cheer' right before exams started. They believed this would keep the morale of the students high and in good holiday spirit after Thanksgiving break.”

Sophomore Rosa Anderson Barrera agreed. “It’s got me really pumped for the holidays and has helped relieve the stress of exams...and food!”

No truer words could be said; let’s just say I’m not the only one excited for the '12 Days of Holiday Cheer' next year.


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