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Seniors’ Last 100 Days
Melissa Perez

Celebrating their final 100 days of high school, Baylor seniors gathered near the Student Center on February 17, excited to get their hands on Chick-fil-A sandwiches and delight in the nostalgic memories Baylor School still has to offer, despite nearing graduation.

Due to the effects of the pandemic, the Class of 2021 graduates will have experienced a senior year like no other. Nevertheless, Baylor School has actively worked towards providing traditional senior activities that will take place over the seniors’ final one hundred days. 

With many students already acknowledging that the “Senior Slide” is fully in effect, talk of Baylor Prom and the Senior Trip has become increasingly frequent. Baylor seniors remain excited to create positive memories that, in years’ time, will become memories to look back on and smile, despite the unpredictable circumstances surrounding the school year. Nevertheless, there remain many changes that have been made to traditional Baylor activities in light of COVID-19 in order to abide by the regulations of social distancing and to protect the health and safety of Baylor students and faculty. 

This year, Baylor Prom is expected to be held outdoors and, for the time being, information surrounding the Senior Trip will be sent out within the next couple weeks. Nevertheless, there remains some skepticism surrounding the events, given final decisions have yet to be revealed, as well as the fact that this information is subject to change. Hopefully, following the unpredictable nature of the past year, Baylor's class of 2021will find that these events will keep up with traditional senior year celebrations in light of such a memorable year.

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