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Satire: Four Square Renaissance
Kristopher Kennedy

Last year, one of the most integral components of the Baylor community was lost.

This year, the long-anticipated return of Four Square has restored happiness to springtime in the Quad. The Baylor Science Department, in their monthly calculations of campus happiness levels, have determined Baylor students this April and May are the happiest they’ve been since spring of 2017, when Four Square was at its height. Indeed, it does seem that “the hearts of Baylor’s people—both old and young, male and female, rich and less rich—are lined with the chalk of the Square,” wrote John Roy Baylor, one of the “25 Best Four Square Players of the Nineteenth Century,” according to Sports Illustrated.

“Four square is a game about community. Some of my absolute best memories at Baylor and otherwise have involved Four Square. Whether it be playing with my brothers or hopping into a pickup game between classes, Four Square always brings people together over their passion for getting low and hearing that wonderful sound of a ball bouncing off brick,” says Dawson Brown, a senior and long-time community member of the Square.

Alec Coussoule, another veteran who remembers the days of yore and is here for the Four Square Renaissance, says, “All these AP exams and unnecessary grades for seniors are alleviated as soon as my shoes grace the brick and my hand grazes the ball,” continuing, “while not always an honest man’s game, Four Square is a uniting force for world peace and positive change. What a blessing to have it back in our lives.”

Four Square regular and self-proclaimed “95 overall” Alex Robinson believes, “The return of Four Square to the Quad was like the sun rising after months of long darkness. Like a baby’s smile. Like reconnecting with a first love. There aren’t really adequate words to describe my emotion.”

Indeed, if the Baylor mission statement is to “make a positive difference in the world,” Four Square is, indisputably, the most effective means of inspiring this change.

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