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Junior College Counseling: Class of 2022
Owen Eastman

In December, Baylor’s college counseling office began its process for the Class of 2022 with an email assigning one of four college counselors (Stephen Jackson, Anders Swanson, Elizabeth Young, or Kelly O’Mara) to each student. The office also opened up a calendar for juniors to schedule brief, half-hour meetings to kick-start the process.
These initial meetings are not designed to jump headfirst into the college process; rather, they are designed for the student to get to know the counselor, and vice versa. Although the idea of college came up tangentially in my meeting with Jackson, our conversations centered on concepts such as personal beliefs and priorities in life, as well as more informal topics such as close friends and favorite Radiohead album.
Subsequent meetings are designed to explore the college process more in depth, and juniors are expected to meet with their counselor a minimum of two times before the end of the school year, as well as one meeting with the student’s parents.
The counseling center also offered several Zoom sessions, some mandatory and some optional, designed to navigate the landscape of college application with tools such as the university database SCOIR, as well as general information sessions covering topics such as the admissions process, financial aid, college essays, and gap years. The College Counseling MyBaylor page also contains a myriad of PowerPoints and other various resources, and they typically also help schedule college campus visits for students (although that role has been greatly mitigated in the age of COVID-19).

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