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Student Leaders Guide Class of 2025 in JRB Scavenger Hunt
Alexa McCarren

Several months ago, the Middle School Advisory Council (MSAC), a group of elected leaders from each advisory in the sixth, seventh, and eighth grades, met to discuss future plans and activities for the middle school when a sixth grade student came up with an idea to honor the rising ninth graders by having a scavenger hunt for them around campus for them to explore the parts of campus they may not often see.

“After a meeting with folks in the upper school, we were able to come up with a plan for current eighth graders to tour buildings and spaces on campus that they may not usually visit or don’t know a lot about” says Jennifer Lindsay, Middle School Head. “The goal was to show the eighth graders around campus and get them excited about upper school,” says Elin Bunch '09, director of community service and an organizer of the event. This event involved students and faculty across campus. Many individuals engaged in upper school student leadership volunteered to help with the endeavor, including Red Circle, Honor Council, RESPECT Board, and prefect members.

The involvement of the upper school allows the rising ninth graders to learn about student leadership opportunities and student activities. During John Roy Baylor Day on Friday, April 23, the scavenger hunt took place from 9:40 a.m. to 11 a.m. with eighth graders starting tours at different locations and rotating around campus led by Red Circle Members as other student leaders met them at their sites to show them around. “[Middle School] students visited everything from the student center and the learning center to the counseling office and college counseling,” explained Lindsay. Although this event has never occurred before, it was a treat to see students coming together to create a better Baylor community as we celebrated our school’s founder and all that he stood for.

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