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Jamaica Fundraising
Fatima Sohani

The Jamaica Servant Leadership Trip is among one of the most prestigious and eye-opening experiences that Baylor offers its students. Jamaica Trippers often return from their visit over spring break with changed perceptions of the world and incredible experiences to share.

However, there’s a lot of work that Jamaica Trippers do in preparation for the trip, including raising money for the Jamaica Education Fund, which provides sponsorships for children in Jamaica to pursue their education.  Working together, they reach out to family and friends individually in order to meet their annual fundraising goal. Familiar events and activities include the Common Cents fundraiser, Mid-Winter Night’s Blast Concert.  Different dorms work with the Trippers each year to raise money via candy grams for Halloween and Valentine’s Day.

The Jamaica Trippers work behind-the-scenes, as well.  "We each collected one hundred or more addresses—including Baylor and non-Baylor families—to send donation letters to. And for our Giving Tuesday, we each contacted different stores and restaurants in the Chattanooga area and asked if they would like to participate in our Giving Tuesday on Dec.3,” explained Lauren Yim ’21, one of this year’s 2020 Jamaica Trippers.

When describing her experience in fundraising so far, Yim said it was more successful when she made flyers and went to each store or restaurant and talked to the owners in person. "I was able to form a more personal connection with them and received more positive feedback that way. In the end, Sophie’s, River City Apparel, Plum Nelly, Onward Reserve, and other retailers participated.”

The Trippers have raised over half of their target goal of $52,000 and are continuing their efforts until their trip over spring break in April. "The Baylor family can help by spreading the word about the Jamaica Education Fund, participating in events supporting the Jamaica Fund, and coming to Jamaica reflections to support the Jamaica Trippers,”  adds Yim, while encouraging Baylor students to consider applying to become part of the Jamaica Trippers in the future.  “It is an amazing opportunity to create a positive difference in the world.”

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