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Introducing The QuadPod
Orly Berke

Over the past ten years there has been an overwhelming boom in podcasts. With modern technology advancing, just with a click of a button people can listen to topics about almost anything on their daily commute, study time, or even right before bed. However, one of those missing topics is our very own Baylor School. This is where librarian and English instructor Mike Kelly steps in.

Employed since 2018, Kelly has taught the introduction to digital narratives class and a class in film-making, as well as working in the library. This class works on pieces of audio entertainment such as podcasts, and is exactly what inspired Kelly to start the "QuadPod".

With the easy accessibility to a group of students already learning how to make a podcast, he thought it would be a good project for the whole class to get into so it could be more student run. "With one-thousand plus students from all over the world, and faculty from all over the world and country, there is a limitless supply of stories," Kelly explains, "It's great for the community to hear everything around the campus, with it being less of a promotional arm, but more personal student-run and produced podcast".

For now, there is only one podcast out, but they are looking to publish about once a month. Kelly has already ordered more audio equipment, so that students outside the digital narratives class can participate too. With music by faculty member Chase Waller, interviews with the headmaster, profiles on two student athletes committed to college, and much more, the first QuadPod is entertaining, engrossing, and incredibly relevant. The next podcast will focus on "The impact of questions around social equity and inclusion," and how it has impacted our student body and campus. With that extremely topical focus, as well as many others to come, be sure to listen and keep on the lookout for future podcasts!

Listen to first QuadPod here!



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