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India Trip 2018
Kate Padilla

Boulder climbing, mountain climbing, rides in overnight trains, long flights, exploring temples, making friends—these are just some of the things done on Walkabout’s trip to India. From December 26, 2018 to January 10, 2019, eight Baylor students and three Baylor faculty members embarked on a journey across the ocean to India. We visited New Delhi to see the city, Hampi to climb boulders, and Sikkim to visit the Taraloka Happiness Home and trek through the mountains.

The goals of this trip were to practice our bouldering and trekking skills but also to have an adventure of a lifetime and learn about the world and ourselves. Each student wrote a blog entry describing moments from the trip. To read some anecdotes and descriptions of activities from the most recent India Trip, click the link below.


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