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Global Scholars Share Perspectives in Symposium
Lily Zabel

Over the past several years, dedicated teachers have sought to expand the cultural opportunities at Baylor through curriculum and a variety of international trips and exchange programs.

Faculty member Tim Laramore has taken this mission a step further by organizing the Global Scholars Program with the goal of “allowing each student to create a unique and individualized educational journey that enhances global competency and citizenship.”

Laramore has asked Global Scholars to share with students and faculty their travel experiences and global interests in a formal symposium that took place April 11 and featured six different presentations and a photography exhibition available for viewing throughout the evening.  "The purpose of the event was to give the Baylor community an opportunity to see the wide variety of expressions and experiences of our talented Global Scholars, a talented group of students with global perspectives to share," said Laramore.

Junior Anika Iqbal, along with senior Zach Taylor, will hosted a conversation about Tibet with the hope that it would “ignite something controversial that can live on past the symposium, so people can learn about the history of Tibet itself and the importance of its relationship with China.” Senior Sophie Wisenbaker gave a short presentation about storytelling traditions around the world, which is a topic she feels is important. “No matter how different people’s cultures may seem to be from each other, the human experience is universal, right down to the stories passed through generations,” she said. 


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