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Convocation: Live and In Person!
Aly Johnston

Convocation is an event that almost every Baylor student knows. It is a welcoming ceremony that appreciates every grade. Each year of classes at Baylor has a representative take their turn walking down the Chapel aisle, carrying their year’s flag. Then, the seniors walk down — all dressed in chapel uniform. There were many speakers varying from new seniors to our new headmaster, Chris Angel. We ended the ceremony by singing the Baylor Alma Mater — a song that boomed through the Chapel.

If there was one thing though everyone could take away from this communion, it was unity. For example, this year some classes watched Convocation virtually. Sophomore Emma Cox said, “Even though I had to watch the Convocation virtually, I felt connected to the student body, in a way I had never been before.” Others watched in the Chapel for their first convocation. Sophomore Josephine Crouse states, “This was my first convocation, and I loved it; the atmosphere was so meaningful,” proving this recurring theme of connection. As for older students, Senior Anne Marie Johnston said, “This was my last Convocation, and I’m so glad I got to spend it in the Chapel and with my fellow seniors, instead of through a zoom call.” It’s a bittersweet ceremony knowing that you are watching someone’s last first day, but also the beginning of the new generation. 


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