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Community Service Holiday Party
Ridley Browder

Once a year, Santa and Mrs. Claus visit Baylor School for the Community Service Holiday Party. After months of hard work, increasing their skill sets in both mathematics and language arts, children from across the Chattanooga area come to celebrate their achievements made at the Carver and Westside rec centers.

At the party, scholars wait eagerly, but patiently, for their possible gifts from Santa. Before the grand presentation of presents, scholars create ornaments, play wonderful reindeer games, and pick out coats for the winter. Although the afternoon was full of fun times and presents, Mr. and Mrs. Claus made it clear to the children that they had earned what they received, encouraging them to continue on their hard work for the coming new year.

Having only been a part of the community service program for one season, I can already tell the difference that Baylor makes in the lives of these children. The holiday party is not only about the celebration of the scholars’ achievements, but also about the incredible relationship that Baylor has with Carver and Westside. For the past two decades, scholars have grown into incredible young men and women, remembering specifically the impact that the holiday party, and Baylor, had on their lives.


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