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College Bound: Here They Come!
Orly Berke

First semester senior year is a stressful time with students trying to balance maintaining good grades, applying to colleges, and enjoying the perks of being a senior.

Most seniors don’t hear about their college acceptances until mid-March, unless they have applied for early action or early decision. Early action is simply the process of submitting an application early and hearing the decision early.  An early decision is submitting an application early with a commitment that if accepted, that is the school you will attend. It is a binding contract requiring signatures by a college counselor and guardian.

To date, Baylor has had quite a few early decision acceptances, including boarding student Ashleigh Huang '21, who was accepted into the University of Pennsylvania, which she had not anticipated due to the schools extremely low decision rate. “I wish I had recorded a reaction video," said Huang. "My sister was on Zoom and I was sharing the screen. I opened it and couldn’t quite understand it because there was no big congratulations, but my sister started screaming and then I realized.”

Huang said she had been nervous the whole day and had gone on a run in the rain an hour before the acceptances were supposed to come out.  “It was so very surreal because I have been working in school for so long and focused on applying to college was all I had been thinking about."

Day student Harper Huckabay '21 had a similar experience. “I actually thought the acceptances were supposed to come out at 5 p.m., but then my friend told me it was actually 4 p.m." Huckabay said she ran inside the house while still Facetiming with her friend and opened the letter on her phone. “I ran and told my parents. I was freaking out.”  Huckabay will attend George Washington University in the fall and plans to visit D.C. over winter break. “I’m actually going to meet people there and tour the campus."

There have been numerous other early decision acceptances, and many traditional acceptances yet to come. We wish the senior class the best of luck in the coming months! 

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