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Baylor's At-Home Model UN Conference
Patrick Russell

With a new world comes new changes but adaption is always key. One such example of adaption is the Baylor Debate Club.

The debate club just wrapped up its at home practice conference for Model UN, in which members presented and voted on resolutions. This conference served to prepare newer members of the club for the Southeastern High School Model United Nations Conference (SHSMUN).

New member, Tina Zheng '22 received the ‘Best Delegate’ award, as she has quickly learned the ins and outs of Model UN. SHSMUN this year will be virtual, due to COVID-19, but that doesn’t mean the experience will be much different. As debate officer Fatima Sohani ''22  put it, "never in my wildest dreams would I have considered attending a conference virtually." The setup will be much the same albeit virtual, and hopefully it will be just as enjoyable for the debate members as in years past. Sohani, has expressed concerns that the ‘whole body language aspect of debate-along with other parts of the conference, such as note-passing-will be lost’ but expresses understanding that a virtual conference is best for everyone.

Papers for the conference have been turned in, and the members of the club are excitedly waiting for March when it will take place. Though there is apprehension surrounding the format of the conference this year, such apprehension is not a novelty this year. We can only hope that things will run smoothly as they can and wish best of luck to the students participating in such a new format of debating.

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