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AP Exam Preparation
Melissa Perez

Multiple Baylor students currently find themselves anxiously preparing for Advanced Placement (AP) exam testing, which take place May 3-14.

In preparation for the AP exams, Baylor faculty have began revising past material in an attempt to further understand course material with the help of a refresher. Between practice exams and AP study guides, students have become increasingly busy as they prepare for their annual testing. Additionally, some teachers have found that AP classroom checkpoints are successful as a form of going over past material while simultaneously moving forward in order to further preparations and enable future studying. Although many students find this to be a successful method as well, it does become overwhelming to some as coursework within the classroom increases exponentially prior to the AP exam dates.

Beginning on May 3 and taking place during the following weeks, AP exam dates are bound to vary between classes. Nevertheless, as we approach the date, some students are looking forward to the idea of overcoming their AP exams to “get it over with.” In anticipation, students have begun to review past material as well with teacher support.

Aside from AP exam preparations, the College Board has also indicated that AP exams will be carried out normally, with most testing procedures taking place in-person. However, Baylor boarders are predicted to carry out their exams virtually. More details regarding virtual testing procedures will be released by the College Board closer to the exam dates.

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