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Announcing the 2019-20 Baylor Notes Editorial Staff!
Kristopher Kennedy

As the final hour strikes for the Baylor class of 2019, so too is it time to usher in a new era of leadership for The Baylor Notes.

Our student paper since 1926, the tradition of campus news spearheaded by the Notes writers throughout the decades is one of Baylor’s proudest. The Notes has outlasted the Great Depression, World War II, a polio epidemic, the school military, ‘60s counterculture, ‘70s mullets, single-sex education, and Game of Thrones—the only things that have lasted longer are the Honor Code and Queen Elizabeth II.

After a selective application process of potential editors, the Notes Editorial Staff has selected its lineup for the 2019-20 school year.

Returning to the editorial staff as senior editors will be Ridley Browder and Katy Waddell. Having served this past year as junior editors, Ridley and Katy displayed considerable aplomb in the realms of organization at all stages of the publishing process. With Ridley, I have no doubts the Notes are in the most assuredly well-organized hands they could possibly be. He has expressed a great penchant in campus news writing, and, along with Katy, brings an insightful perspective from within the boarding community. When she first joined the Notes as a sophomore, Katy impressed the 2017-18 Editors by her inventive approach to storytelling. A true-born journalist, Katy has a knack for digging up creative story ideas and telling them in a comprehensive and professional fashion, the likes of which I haven’t seen matched at Baylor. Together, these two will continue to be a forceful tandem.

Joining Ridley and Katy as a senior editor will be Maggie Clark, a four-year writer for the Notes. A proven veteran of the writing staff, Maggie’s strengths lie in the palpable potency of her stories, which often include human interest pieces and personal profiles. At this, she is the master, able to engage intimately with the poignant pathos of her articles. A writing weapon for the Notes since her freshman year, Maggie will bring a fresh perspective of ideas to the storyboard, as well as a great eye for article content at the editorial phase.

To complete the 2019-20 editorial staff, these senior editors will be joined by two junior editors from the class of 2021: Orly Berke and Ava Echard, both writers for the Notes since their freshman years. As writers, Orly and Ava have exemplified qualities that will make them successful editors: a willingness to accept any story, diligence in completing their assignments, and the ability to work on task and on time.

A passionate steward of the Notes team, Orly will bring an astute ear tuned into the happenings of our Baylor community. Her insights into campus news occurrences have made her a strong writer, and they will prove a valuable asset to next year’s editorial staff. Ava, one of the most gifted writers at our school, will take the reins as chief editor in arts and culture stories. Her keen eye for language and rhetoric will make her a strong addition to the Notes team.

If anyone is interested in joining the Notes next year, please email faculty sponsors Barbara Kennedy or Eddie Davis, or let any of the editorial staff know! We will gladly accept you into our ranks. And spread the word to anyone whom you know is a writer, this is the perfect place for them.

It’s time for senior editors Alex Robinson, Kate Padilla, and myself, along with a whole cast of diligent senior writers—Jenna Azzouz, Taegan Bunch, Alec Coussoule, Elodie Nix, Wiley Pippenger, Mike Rouse, Sophie Wisenbaker, and Lily Zabel—to depart. But the future keeps getting brighter, and the Notes will keep getting better as Katy, Ridley, Maggie, Orly, and Ava lead us into year 89 of “all the news that fits.”


Go Baylor Notes and Go Big Red!

Kristopher Kennedy, Editor-In-Chief

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