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Round Table Begins 80th Year
Patrick Russell

The 2021-2022 school year is gearing up to get back in full swing, and so is Baylor’s oldest club, Round Table.

The Round Table consists of a group of seniors, each selected because they show a certain passion for the written word and its analysis, who will meet periodically throughout the year to collectively read and discuss various works of literature. This year’s group, all from the Class of 2022, includes Nick Bajestani, Hannah Barger, Owen Eastman, Ibilola Esho, Hannah Lane Ford, Kye Hamilton, Maddie Kim, Caleb Nuñes, Maddie Perry, Kate Rogers, Patrick Russell, Aidan Shaw, Lindsay Smith, Fatima Sohani, Couriyah Stegall, and Tina Zheng.

The Round Table has a rich history at Baylor. Founded by instructors James Pennington and George Bradford, the Round Table held its inaugural meeting on Nov. 17, 1942, and originated from a simple conversation about books, ideas, and dialogue, eventually blossoming into the intent of bringing a group of students and faculty members together to discuss literature. The purpose of the group was not for a grade or for extra credit but instead for each individual to share their values of reading and examining literary works. By the time Pennington retired in 1966, the Round Table was a well-established organization at Baylor School.

The current faculty sponsor of Round Table is Heather Ott, who has served in this position for 18 years, says she is most excited to welcome “a new crew of seniors and new Head of School Chris Angel '89” to the Round Table. To any prospective Round Table members for the coming years, she recommends that they “devote [themselves] to meaningful and passionate participation in English class” in preparation for a successful application come spring of junior year.

For their first book this year, Round Table members will read Hamlet by William Shakespeare. This is traditionally the first book every group of Round Table members read together. The rest of the books, however, will be selected by the students. As Ott previously stated, it is exciting to see this years seniors fill the spots left by their predecessors, as they move into their culminating year as Baylor students.

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