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Advice from the Baylor Counseling Office
Kathy Fraley, Director of Counseling

Baylor’s Counseling Center is here to serve students as you navigate your social and  emotional growth and find answers to the questions, both big and small, that come along with this time.  

The last six weeks have offered opportunities and challenges none of us would have ever envisioned and has certainly made for some growing pains. While all of us have been thrown into similar circumstances and can find commonality in our current situation, individual experiences are unique to each person. For this reason, it is often good to take the time to sit with emotions and do some self-reflecting. The Counseling Center is encouraging this through a number of ways, including our weekly check-in survey. This survey encourages students to take inventory of goals, accomplishments, needs and resources, and to identify what is working and what is not.  We hope these surveys will serve as a simple reminder to stop, catch your breath, and acknowledge all your hard-work and progress.

As counselors, we recognize that change is often unsettling and hard to adjust to. We all need reminders that it is okay to struggle, it is okay to have more questions than answers, it’s okay to be scared, and it is okay to allow others to know this and support you through it all.  We also know it is important to be good to yourself and practice self-care. Some examples:

*stay on a schedule

*exercise and move

*eat well

*go outside and soak up some sunshine and play

*journal, pray, meditate, reflect

*stay connected in ways that feel good and right for you

*make sure to balance worktime and playtime

*be intentional about checking in with your feelings and be honest with yourself

*allow those around you who love and care for you to know how you are really holding up

*reach out if you are not finding what works   

At Baylor, we pride ourselves on being a community and family, one who hurts together and one who certainly will heal together. Remember, while this history that we are all living out brings challenges, it also brings opportunities to learn, grow, and discover ourselves.  

So, we hope you can embrace everything you are feeling right now (even the uncomfortable stuff), trust that it is leading you to where you need to be, and know that we are still here to support any needs you have so you are not alone.  We really do mean it when we say we love to hear from you all.

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